License Suspensions in Massachusetts

If you accrue surchargeable events against your driving record, you could be looking at a suspension of your license.

Surchargeable Events

A citation received for a traffic law violation is surchargeable if the violation is included in the list of surchargeable traffic violations is Appendix A of the Safe Driver Insurance Plan Regulation, of if the cited operator:

  • Pays the fine assessed; or
  • Is found guilty or responsible by the court; or 
  • Is assigned by the court to a driver alcohol education program or a controlled substance abse treatment or rehabilitation program; or
  • Defaults on the citation by failing to pay the asssessed fine or failing to attend the hearing.

For a complete list of surchargeable offenses you can visit the Massachusetts executive office of public safety with the following link:


If you accumulate surchargeable events, you could be at risk for the following suspensions:

  • 3 speeding tickets within 1 year results in a 30 day suspension.  The 1 year is not a calender year. It begins at the finding date of the first ticket, and tolls for 1 year from that date
  • 3 surchargeable events or moving violations with 2 years results in an indefinite suspension. With this suspension, the operator may take the National Motorist Safety course to avoid the period of suspension.  It must be taken within 90 days of the notice to take the class, or the suspension will go into effect.  Once the suspension goes into effect, the motorist still must complete the course, and must pay a $100 fee to the registry for reinstatement.
  • 7 surchargeable events or moving violations within 3 years results in a 60 day license suspension. A $100.00 reinstatement fee must be paid to the registry at the end of the suspension to reinstate the license.
  • A Habitual Traffic Offender Suspension or HTO is triggered with 3 major moving violations or 12 major or minor moving violations over 5 years.  If another state reports a surchargeable event, it is calculated in the violations. Surchargeable accidents are not calculated in the violations. The operator receives a 4 year suspension for a HTO.  In addition, to reinstate the license, the operator must take both the written and driving portion of the license test, and pay a $500.00 reinstatement fee.  

If you are looking at any of these suspensions, please call our office for a consultation as to whether you may be able to appeal for a hardship license.


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