Intellectual Property Holders seek damages on the local level

Are you illegally downloading media to your computer at home, saying to yourself “No one will catch me” ?

It’s time to halt the illegal downloads before the property owner catches up with you.

Broadbent & Taylor has received inquiries from clients who are receiving emails from their ISPs, identifying that the IP addresses associated with the cable/internet accounts have been identified as illegally downloading material, with a forwarded message from the intellectual property holder.  The email from the ISP is essentially a cease and desist  to halt any illegal downloads, at the risk of having your cable/internet connection terminated.

The portion of the email from the Intellectual Property holder is essentially a demand to settle a copyright infringement claim for a set amount of money.  It provides a website to go to, and an account number to enter in order to settle the claim.

If you do not settle the claim, the letter goes on to threaten legal action, attorneys fees, and high damages.

What should you do if you receive one of these emails? Contact an attorney immediately.  Make sure it is legitimate.  Make sure that if you settle the claim, it includes any and all downloads from a particular production house.  (If the claim only involves one movie, and you have downloaded 12, the intellectual property holder could potentially come back 12 times with separate demands.)  


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