Why a Google Search is Not Enough

When faced with a legal issue, the first step many people take is to turn to Google. A quick search, and BOOM! all your questions have answers. Right? Wrong! While you questions may seem simple, often times there are sub-issues that are not apparent to a layperson.

When you meet with a lawyer, the lawyer will look at at the entire issue to ensure that all aspects of your situation are properly addressed. Online forums like Google, Facebook, Yahoo, Twitter, Rocket Lawyer, Legal Zoom, Avvo may be able to provide a basic, initial answer, but none of these forums are able to provide the in-depth analysis of an attorney. Without the expertise of an attorney, there may be significant issues that are left unaddressed. This could result in major issues down the road that could have been prevented.

The law is continuously changing. It’s a lawyer’s job to stay on top of these changes and advise clients accordingly. There are no guarantees the information you find online is current or accurate.

While the cost of hiring an attorney may be scary, many attorneys are willing to work within a client’s budget. Most attorneys offer free initial consultations, and the courts can provide a list of attorneys who are able to provide services under the Limited Assistance Representation program. So, please, the next time you have a legal question, please consult an attorney, not Google.


This blog was written by Attorney Catherine Taylor and is intended solely for informational purposes. This does not constitute legal advice, nor does it create an attorney-client relationship.

Chris Brown & the Search Warrant

Most of you have undoubtedly heard that there was a standoff between the Los Angeles Police and Chris Brown, who was at home. Although this has been a bit sensationalized, the police were at his home after a phone call was made by a woman who claims she was threatened by Brown, but there was no “standoff.”

Instead Brown exercised his right to NOT allow the police into his home without a search warrant. Most people might think that if the police come knocking on your door that you have to let them in, but you DO NOT have to let them in. The home is one of the sacred things that the law protects and that is why we have laws about ‘breaking and entering’ and ‘trespassing.’ So if the police come to your home and ask to come in, you can do what Chris Brown did and ask to see a warrant! If they do not have a warrant and you don’t want them in your home, then they can’t come in! If they DO have a warrant, then you DO have to let them in, but until then it is your call. Chris Brown refused to let the police in without a warrant, but after the police obtained one, he let them in, was arrested and released on bail.

Of course there are always exceptions to this rule and we aren’t sure what is going to happen to Chris Brown just yet, but if you have any questions about your rights or there has been a police search at your home, please call our office at 508-438-1198.


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