The Weather Outside Is Frightful!!

It’s December! It looks like Massachusetts is a winter wonderland.  with all of the snow, make sure you clean your car off properly.  A failure to clean the snow off of your car, including off the license plate and headlights, can result in a ticket. Or worse, you could cause an accident from snow flying off of your car.
If you are involved in an accident, call Broadbent & Taylor with assistance with your claim.  We handle citations related to accidents, surcharge appeals, and personal injury claims. Call today for a consultation!


Don’t Ignore That Ticket!

The holidays are busy!  Shopping, baking, parties and all of your regular obligations.  A speeding ticket received between Thanksgiving and  New Years can be one more thing added to your long list of holiday obligations.  

If you do receive a ticket in Massachusetts , make sure you respond to it within 2o days.  You must either pay the ticket or request an appeal hearing. If you do not respond within the 20 day window, you could not only lose your right to appeal, but you could also face increased fines and a suspended license.  

Any time you receive a ticket, your first call should be to Broadbent & Taylor to discuss your options.  Fighting the ticket can save a lot of money in the lobby  run in insurance premiums, as well as prevent you from facing license suspensions or driver retraining classes.

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