Junior Operator Laws in Massachusetts

In Massachusetts, a junior operator is any operator under 18.  Massachusetts has strict regulations concerning Junior Operators, with harsh punishments.

Use of Mobile Phones by Junior Operator

  • A Junior Operator is not permitted to use a mobile phone or handheld device for any purpose while operating in Massachusetts.  Reporting an Emergency with a mobile phone is the only exception.  Operators are encouraged to pull over to do so.
  • A first offense results in a $100 fine with a 60 day license suspension and a attitudinal course
  • A second offense results in a $250 fine and a 180 day license suspension
  • A third or subsequent offense results in a $500 fine and a 1 year license suspension

Negligent Operation and Injury From Mobile Phone Use (Criminal Offense)

  • A first offense results in a 180 day license suspension
  • A second offense or subsequent within 3 years results in a 1 year suspension 
  • A $500 reinstatement fee is imposed on the operator


Speeding Carries a 90 day suspension with driver retraining course and a SCARR course, as well as a $500 reinstatement fee and the requirement to retake the license test.  A second or third offense triggers a one year suspension, along with the classes and reinstatement fees.


The best way to avoid these suspensions is to appeal the citations and win.  If you would like a consultation regarding the citations, please contact our office.  If you have paid the citations, and are facing the suspensions, you may be elligible for a hardship license through the Registry of Motor Vehicles Board of Appeals. 

For a complete list of all Junior Operator offenses, please see the Registry of Motor Vehicle Website at: http://www.mass.gov/rmv/jol/jol_penalties_chart.htm